How To Play Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is a relatively new way of playing fantasy sports. There has been incredible growth in the DFS world as more and more people jump in on the action every day. We believe the reason that we've seen DFS take off is because it allows the sport fan to use their sports knowledge to legally win money online.

Unlike sports betting, playing daily fantasy sports is completely legal in most US states. If you live in Arizona, Washington, Louisiana, Montana or Iowa, you won't be accepted at most DFS sites, but everyone else in the US can join sites like or

DFS can require a huge time commitment or very little depending upon how active you want to be and what sports you play. Some people only play NFL DFS or PGA DFS, which doesn't require a ton of time whereas others play every sport available.

You have to decide how much time you can afford to invest into DFS. If you have a career and family you likely won't be able to build and research a line-up every night in MLB, NBA and/or NHL. If you're young and free, you'll have ample time to research.

Using a Promo Code to Free Money

Are you new to Daily Fantasy Sports? You may not know this yet, but the industry is highly competitive. This is a booming business and the top players really want you to join their sites. The competitiveness has been growing as well due to new sites entering the market. They all want a piece of your action and will reward you generously for it.

We have the latest promo codes for the best daily fantasy sports sites around. When you join a DFS site, be sure to use our exclusive codes to obtain the best incentives possible. If you don't utilize a code when registering you won't be eligible for the incentives.

Our codes ensure that our readers get more than the standard bonus when signing up to a new DFS site. Depending upon the site players will receive entry into special freerolls, a welcome bonus and/or tickets into certain tournaments as incentives for joining.

In some cases new players will receive tickets into tournaments valued at $20+. We stay on top of the market to guarantee that you get exclusive bonuses to increase your starting bankroll. Your job is to make sure you type in the promo code when requested.

What Sports Are Available in DFS Format

You'd be surprised how many different Daily Fantasy Sports are available. The most popular DFS sports are NFL, MLB and NBA. College sports (CFB & CBB) plus NHL are popular as well. Several sites now offer the ability to play daily fantasy PGA, NASCAR, UFC and soccer (EPL).

No matter what sport you're good at you can use that knowledge to win money playing DFS legally. UFC and EPL are still fairly new to the industry and a great entry point for those that follow those sports. Prize pools still aren't huge, but they're growing.

Playing all of these sports can be entertaining, but it may not prove profitable while you're new to the industry. Try to focus on one or two sports at a time and master them before moving on. This will allow you to find out which sports you're most profitable in.

If you continually play a certain sport and you can't win money you should scrap playing that sport and focus more energy on the sports that are making you a positive ROI. A big part of being a profitable DFS player is knowing what to play and when.

Be sure to read through our DFS strategy articles to learn more about playing specific sports.

Daily Fantasy Sports vs. Season Long Fantasy Leagues

A large number of players that have been competing in season long fantasy leagues convert into DFS players. The main reason why DFS has exploded is because people love action and instant gratification. DFS allow players to make money in a single night.

Season long fantasy is antiquated. You draft or buy a team prior to the start of the season and hope that your players last a full year without getting injured. With DFS you're given a specific amount of money to buy a roster of players every night of the season.

Injuries are never a concern and there is more skill involved. The entire player pool is available in DFS. In a season long league in the NBA you may want Anthony Davis, but if you have the 10th pick you're not getting him. That is never a problem in DFS.

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