Football Betting Tips

When you bet on the NFL you need to put in the hours of work in order to be successful. People don’t just wake up one morning and start capping games at a 60%+ rate. You may win your first 2, 5 or even 10 wagers, but eventually the sportsbooks will eat you alive if you don’t put in the work. I’ve compiled some great tips in this article that will help you cap football games. Whenever you’re going to place a wager on an NFL game you should go through each of these tips to find out whether or not you’re making a wise bet.

* One of the biggest advantages in the NFL is home field advantage generally. If you look-up the records of most teams they will be a much stronger team when they’re playing on home field. There are a couple exceptions to this stat every year though and it’s important you learn what teams don’t fit into the home field advantage stat. For instance, the Arizona Cardinals this year are undefeated on the road, but have had some troubles playing in their own stadium.

* Injuries are a big part of the NFL and you need to be aware of all of the key injuries as a capper. The bookies construct the point spreads each week based on lots of different indicators. One of the key indicators that the bookies use is injuries. Some injuries obviously don’t make much of a difference in the NFL, but when a team is missing one of their key playmakers then it’s hard to bet with them. Generally injuries should help you layoff games rather then bet them, but sometimes you can find value in games with key injuries.

* As a capper in football one thing you need to understand is that laying the chalk isn’t good. If you don’t know what laying the chalk means, it simply means that you’re betting the favourite to cover the point spread. In the NFL you’ll often see a couple games each week with a point spread of +10 or more. Betting on a team that needs to cover double digits isn’t often a smart bet and there are usually better bets out there each week for you to be making.

* If you’re trying to increase your bankroll while betting on sports you need to make sure you managed it properly. You should use a unit system to make your bets. A large percentage of your bets should be regular 1 unit plays. In some instances, when you see a lot of value in a game you can increase your unit size to a 2 or 3 unit bet. One other thing you need to be careful of is that you don’t waste too much of your bankroll betting on longshot bets such as big moneyline dogs or low percentage parlays.

* In the NFL you can bet on a teaser which is where the bookie will give you a set amount of points off of the point spread. The most common type of teaser is a 6 point teaser which is where you’ll get 6 points off the spread of each game you pick. If you picked the Colts and the actual spread was -10 then with the teaser bet the Colts would only need to win by -4 points. Keep in mind you need to bet a minimum of two games on a teaser.