The Moneyline On NFL Games

Should You Bet The Moneyline On NFL Games?

The NFL season is a time many of us look forward to all year, it’s a time when we get to relax in front of the television and watch one of the best sports played. What makes watching the NFL better is the chance to gamble on the games before you watch them in hopes of winning money. One of the betting options you can choose when betting on the NFL is the moneyline. Betting on the moneyline is simply picking whether a team is going to win or lose.

Let’s quickly look at an example of a moneyline bet in the NFL.

Dallas Cowboys -3 vs. Buffalo Bills

In this game the moneyline would be around -150 for Dallas and +125 for Buffalo.

With the moneyline above you’d need to wager $150 to win $100 on Dallas and $75 to win $100 on Buffalo. As you can see the favourite in the game is going to cost more in order to win the same amount then betting on the underdog. This is realistic though because if you think about it the favourite wins the game more often then the underdog.

The problem with betting on the favourites in the NFL on the moneyline, as with basketball betting, is that you need to risk too much juice in order to win money. You’d be better off taking the team by the point spread if you think they’re going to win the game and this way you wouldn’t need to risk as much money. If you bet the moneyline on the favourites then you’re going to need to win a high percentage of your bets in order to turn a profit.

If you bet on the moneyline and you take the underdog then you’ll be able to see a good amount of return of every bet. You won’t need to win a high percentage of your games to break even and if you’re winning a good amount of games then you’re going to win a lot of money. This same rule holds true for baseball betting. The one problem is that it’s difficult to pick the underdogs who will win outright each week.

What you should do is use the moneyline bet in your arsenal once in awhile when you find a strong underdog to bet on. The favourites don’t payout enough money so I don’t suggest betting on them regularly, but the underdog makes a good bet every so often. Make sure you scope out the good underdogs every week and when you find a strong game lay some money on the moneyline.

If you watched much of this season in the NFL then you’d noticed that quite a few underdogs won there games. If you spend some time putting in the work every week then you should have no problem finding an underdog at least once a week to bet on. Don’t rely on moneyline bets as your bread and butter though and stick to the more traditional point spread wagers. One more small note that I should mention is you can find different moneyline odds at different sports gambling sites, so shop around for the best odds.